The 4th International Conference on Science Education and Technology (ICOSETH 2022)

Shaping the Science Education of Tomorrow: Weaving Today’s Technology, Literacy, and Social Culture



The ICOSETH 2022 Organized by the Natural Science Education, Doctorate Program, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), Indonesia. The ICOSETH 2022 invites researchers, academicians, educators, practitioners, government officers, and consultants to attend and share their insights, perspectives, and new trend of research in education.

ICOSETH 2022 welcomes you to submit your papers on topic indicated below in section Conference Sub-Themes. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the scientific committee of the conference based on quality, relevance and originality.

It is anticipated that a broad range of research and applied topics will be covered during the conference. Papers in the theoretical category should deal with models, concepts, and structures; papers in the generic category should present research results of broad applicability; and papers in the applied category should show how the demands of particular application areas shape the way generic research is translated into practical innovation.

Keynote Speakers

Asst. Prof. Ong Yann Shiou

Natural Sciences & Science Education (NSSE),
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Prof. Maria Parappilly

College of Science and Engineering,
Flinders University, South Australia

Dr. Jose-Manuel Diego-Mantecón

Deputy director of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computation, University of Cantabria, Spanyol

Prof.Drs. Sutarno, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Dean of Graduate School,
Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia

Important Dates

Full Paper
8 July 2022 Deadline for Abstract Submission Batch 1
16 July 2022 Deadline for Abstract Submission Batch 2
10 July 2022 Announcement of Abstract Acceptance Batch 1
19 July 2022 Announcement of Abstract Acceptance Batch 2
12 July 2022 Deadline for Paper Submission Batch 1
22 July 2022 Deadline for Paper Submission Batch 2
13 - 21 July 2022 Announcement of Paper Acceptance
18 July 2022 Deadline for Early Bird Payment
25 July 2022 Deadline for Final Payment
30 July 2022 ICOSETH 2022 Conference Date

Manuscripts Publication & Indexing Proceeding Publisher

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